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The PetVille Mentors have created this set of award for the many deserving pet-related sites all across the web. These awards come in three levels. The first level of awards are for PetVille Cool Site Awards, are for any personal pet-related site. The Great Site Awards are for site owners who have done a really great job on their site. The highest level is the Outstanding Site Awards. These is given to webmasters whose sites are shining examples of the very best sites on the web.

Below are the three award levels. Click on the award of your choice. You will be taken to an application page. Upon completion of the application the site will be reviewed by a committee and the awards sent out by e-mail.

Award Guidelines:

  • There must be no porn, hate or offensive material on the site.
  • The page or site should be by, for or about pets.
  • Pages should be easy to navigate.
  • There should be few to no broken images or links.
  • Text should be clearly readable against the background.
  • Pages should have plenty of their own content to offer, not just links.
  • Level three and four sites must have something special to catch a visitor's eye.
Of course, each sucessive level should be a bit better than the previous one. In other words, sites which win Level Two sites should have fewer mistakes than Level One. Level Three sites should be outstanding--thus the award name :)

PetVille Cool Site Awards

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PetVille Outstanding Site Awards

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